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Two Letter Words

After I joined a local SCRABBLE club and started playing almost every week, I naturally found that my game started to improve. ("Practice makes perfect!") I also learned that the more competitive players spend time studying word lists to improve their games. As a "social" player, I was not particularly interested in that -- it sounds more like work than fun!

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However, I did eventually decide that it would be worthwhile to learn all the two-letter words. The list is short, and they often arise when playing a new word parallel and adjacent to an existing word on the board. So I created this one-page chart of all the two-letter words. (Before printing the document, please see the note in the box at right.)

The chart includes all 101 two-letter words from the official SCRABBLE dictionary. The top half of the chart lists the words consisting of a vowel (A, E, I, O, or U) followed by a consonant. The bottom half of the chart lists the words consisting of a consonant followed by a vowel. There are five columns -- the first column is for words with "A", the second is for words with "E", and so on. Each row represents words with a particular consonant, from "B" to "Z".

Between the top half and the bottom half are three row of special cases:
- five words consisting of two vowels and no consonants,
- four words ending in "Y", and
- three words consisting of two consonants and no vowels.
Because the letter "Y" is sometimes a vowel and sometimes a consonant, those words are a bit difficult to categorize. As noted, the words ending in "Y" appear in the special case section; the words starting with "Y" appear in the bottom half of the chart (words starting with a consonant).

Each word is listed with a definition from the official dictionary. (I figure it's easier to learn the words if there is some meaning attached, even if you may never use some of these words in a sentence!)

Finally, I have created a little practice chart that you can use to test yourself on the two-letter words. Print out the chart and circle each valid word, then compare it against the list to see how you did.

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